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Hello. My name is Sylvia Smith and I am an ordained minister, Bible teacher, and aspiring author. I started this blog as a way to combine my passion for ministry, my love for writing, and my desire to glorify God and advance His Kingdom. Although I love serving in my local church, I also want to be more effective and responsive to the needs and demands of ministry in the 21st century.

Graced for Life will explore the “unsearchable riches” of God’s grace. Although this is an inexhaustible topic, I hope that together we can uncover its depths. Grace is a powerful word with incredible meaning for each of us. God has given each of his followers the ability to serve and honor him in our daily lives. This ability is called grace. Of all of the definitions or descriptions of God’s grace, the most popular is “God’s unmerited favor.” This rather succinct definition is far more comprehensive than it appears. It holds within it, the fullest expression of God’s love as demonstrated in sending his Son to die for humanity’s sin. Jesus’ atoning death not only purchased our pardon from sin, but it made the power for godly living available to all who believe.

Not only have we been given the grace to live an abundant life; we have been given an abundant supply of God’s grace. When Jesus offers abundant life, he also supplies the grace we need to remain focused and committed to his will. I solicit your prayers and comments about the transformative power of living in God’s abundant grace. Life is not without its challenges, but once we understand that God has gifted us with his abiding presence and power, we can recognize that we have been graced for life….


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